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The Cata Network is a network of websites and communities for the lovers of romance novels.

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Start by visiting one of our websites for readers. – the original site that started it all, exclusively for category (aka series) romance novels. - dedicated to single title romance novels in print

Sensual – the sensual side of romance, erotic romance and erotica 24/7

Up and coming writers will love our CataU community:

New! - for the writers… tons of information and articles for all levels of writers, twice picked as a Top 101 Websites for Writers by Writer’s Digest

Authors will like our design services: – design & marketing services for authors

Everyone will enjoy these sites: – tired of lengthy urls? shorten your URLs and keep track of how many clicks your short urls get – (you are here.) The site that glues it all together

Last call to enter the Summer Kick off Blog Hop. SensualReads is giving away 16 print books!

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